Sharing routes on a roadtrip- Rider 500

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I want to be able to create a route (TT Rider 500) and then share it with other riders during a two week trip, so no access to PC's etc.

Most of the posts are quite old, is this now possible?



  • beemerbruce
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    Yes, if your GPS is connected to your phones use the MyDrive app and that app is connected to your MyDrive Cloud accounts.

    You have to have your phone connected to the internet. Do the following on your phone:
    1. Make the route on the phone's MyDrive app
    2. Save it
    3. Click "Sync this route as a track with my devices" so that it will appear on your TomTom under "My Routes"
    4. Click the Share icon and send it to your friends

    Your friends then open the route on their phones and select the option to "Sync this route as a track with my devices"

    That should do it.