How to recharge the battery in 1625TM

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I don't see an icon of a battery on my GPS. Nor how to recharge it. I just bought it yesterday and today the battery is dead. All I have is the car charger that came with it. Is there a way to recharge the battery while in my house?


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    It can be connected to the computer (device can be off) for 2-3 hours or, even better, use an AC charger if you have one. Charge will be faster.

    That said, I think that model has, under settings, a battery status icon.
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    Thanks for the info. I am sending it back. I just found out this battery only has a 3 hour life span, also I paid for a 1625TM and that is what the box said it is but the "about" button says its actually a 1615TM. I hate liars. P. S. I bought it from ebay. I guess all I bought was the box.
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    To check which device you actually have check this FAQ

    But it will not reflect the "TM" which signifies that the device has 'Lifetime' Traffic and Map subscriptions.

    3 hours if very good for a modern GPS unit as they are all designed to be continually connected to a power source that is 5 V, 1.2 Amps ( not a vehicle USB port which is only 0.5 Amps)