Tom Tom Rider pro 450 not connecting to PC

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Hi Hope you can help,
I have a tomtom Rider pro 450 which I have been updating and using for a month or more, but now will no longer connect to my PC.

I have check the USB cable (yes tomtom supplied) is connect correctly, tried different USB ports, tried to update the drivers, which are already the latest, reset the Tomtom, restarted tomtom mydrive and tomtotm home but still the device is not shown as connected - so I am unable to use mydrive or perform the updates Tomtom have sent me.

Can anyone help - suggestions much appreciated. thanks


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    The rider 400 series use mydrive connect to update tomtom home is for the earlier devices ( up to the rider V5)

    Are you able to install MyDrive Connect on another computer and try that?
  • Garyjenkins
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    Hi, thanks for the email, I have resolved the problem, - I was logging into TT Mydrive via the google web link and hence it showed my product details but never connected the device.

    However when I started TT Mydrive (which was installed on my PC) it connect first time.

    Kinda my mistake, although not quite clear instructions (in my opinion on TT web pages) anyhow lesson learnt and all OK now.

    Please close the case - thank you - regards Gary Jenkins