Heart monitor strap - ok for swimming with - triathlons?

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I am starting to compete in triathlons (indoor and outdoor swims) and would like to keep a more accurate idea of my HR than I get from the Runner watch itself. The strap is great but can I wear it during the swim to save time putting it on when on dry land? I'm not too bothered about seeing or recording HR during the swim (don't have time or the eyesight to see it anyway!).
My next tri is outdoors, so how can I measure the whole thing without time breaks between each sport? Register the swim as a run?


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    You can wear the strap in the water without any issues although it will not record anything as BT signals do not transmit through water (I would be careful about it getting pulled off as you swim). As far as using the watch for a triathlon, you can't it is a Runner watch, designed specifically for running only. Even the Spark lineup, which has swimming and cycling have no way of doing transitions. You would have to start a new activity for each leg of the triathlon. You could do the entire activity in Freestyle mode on a Spark as it is GPS enabled but this is not an option on a Runner. You are better off investing in a triathlon watch from another company.

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