New iphone 8 will not connect to the Tom Tom

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I have just got a new iphone 8. The joys of a new phone, firstly wont connect to my current in car system and hands free (VW Touran 2012) so i thought i would use my tom tom hands free, unit bought in September 2017 and is a Go 5200 wifi model. And my surprise this morning when i tried to connect, and it wouldnt. So deleted the app and re installed and still not connecting.

So does anything work with iphone 8?????????


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    Some people have no issues with the iPhone 8. Best thing to do first is to delete the 5200 from iPhone's bluetooth settings and delete the iPhone from the 5200's settings. Then restart both and try to pair again.

    More drastic measures are available, like resetting the iPhone's network settings (which might fix your car issue too), but would suggest one step at a time. Good luck!