Navigation and routing on the GO 520

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Why is my XL IQ Routes can recognize that making a legal left turn will get to the destination fast and my Go 520 can't? I have taken the same route with the Go 520 but it seems it doesn't learn.


  • YamFazMan
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    Any chance of posting the location of this left turn

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    My Go520 had downloaded the UK map some months ago but it has now disappeared from the SD card.
    When I try to redownload it gets to 93% and then restarts the download. This then repeats.
    Why did the UK map disappear?
    Why is it not able to download the full 100%
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    Hi @stfraser

    A map can disappear if an update of it is interrupted. When a map is being updated the Old Map is removed to make the the space available and the new map installed in its place.

    If there is a Map on the internal memory so the unit can boot up okay without a Card in the Extra Memory slot then you could try removing the card and reformatting it on your PC to Fat 32 . Then reinstall it and format it in the GO520 for use for maps and reload the maps on it.

    The only other thing is to contact Customer support and ask them to check your unit and see if there is a problem that they can resolve from their end. There maybe as you have lost a map.

    Customer support number are here.