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TomTom rider 2nd edition won't go off starting picture

nobby-racernobby-racer Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
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Hi all,
I plugged in my tomtom rider 2nd edition to my computer, as it recommends, and ever since it hasn't been able to go anywhere past the home/loading screen of the motorbike, and the TomTom home app crashes whenever i try to load up the screen on the app. Could anyone help please? Thanks.


    Have you check if the SD card is correctly inserted? Do you have a back up of the SD card?

    If you have a SD card reader you can use that to connect the card to your computer and TTH then update the card.

    I am not sure if tomtom are still supporting updates to the Rider 2 I have not tried mine for quite some time maybe I will soon
  • SkiMadSkiMad Posts: 42 [New Seeker]
    Hi Nobby Rider - Did you resolve this?

    If not the usual suspect is you now have a corrupt file on the SD card - hence the system hangs.

    To get round this try (1) a simple device reset - if you open the flap you will see a tiny hole just below the SD card slot (just on the left of the power connector). Stick a pin through that hole and the power it up which should reset the device.

    It may take a bit longer than usual to fire up but that may work.

    If not (2) fire up TomTom Home on an internet connected PC -

    Only then (3) connect the Rider v2 - you can either use the supplied data cable or just put the SD card into a suitable port on the PC or even on an attached device like a printer. The TomTom Home should spot the Rider is now connected and allow you to reinstall software as necessary - the key tool is the "manage my device" option which allows you to shift files to or from the PC.

    As it sounds like the application is at fault - you will probably need to remove the defective application from the device and only then use "update my Rider" to replace the missing application file with a fresh file from TomTom Home.

    Good Luck - Let us know how you get on.
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