Cannot sync route to device - No route possible

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I have a tomtom go 520. I have downloaded all available updates. I have logged into mydrive on my pc (windows 7) and on my device, they are set to sync.
I have created a new route in my drive which I have saved (for use in France). The map has just been updated.
The saved route is in my list of routes in my drive on the pc.
I have "clicked" send to device. The device verbally reports that a new destination has been received. I have set thedevice to the french map.

The error message comes up "no route possible" and the new route does not appear in my routes in the device.

I have swithched off the device. I have un synced the device and reset it. I have re-sent the route.

What is wrong?


  • Niall
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    @oast hill
    oast hill wrote:
    I have set the device to the french map.

    When in the UK which map are you using?
    To see the route you have saved your current position must be on the same map as the destination.
    If you are limited on size of map you can put on your device your need to use the appropriate zone, see this FAQ
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    I am using Western Europe. All the routes I have saved are in the UK. I can "see" the routes on my pc and in my ipad.
    On my device I can only "see" the "set up screen"
    Plan a route and save it etc.
    I have not used up the data space in the device
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    Hi @oast hill

    If you have the Western Europe map selected on your unit when you go to My Routes on your GO520 can you see the French route you have saved to it and if so can you select it.

    If you have the France only map selected if you go to My Routes on your device and select the French Route it will display it. If you select Drive or Lets Go it will say no route as it can't calculate a route from where you are as you are not in France.