Maps inaccuracy on the in dash navigation- Dacia media Navigator

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Dear TomTom - I have got your device and has been very happy with it. I have, however, bought a new car, Dacia Logan MCV Stepway with a navigation system inbuilt: Dacia Media Navigator.

This very expensive item, which can be updated for a amount which is also very expensive, is full of mistakes. E.g. it says that I can drive in an ordinary road with 130 km/h, which is not allowed, and the map shows some round-abouts which do not exist at all. The map has been updated recently, but there is no refund when a new, and expensive map, shows more mistakes.

It is, of course, not your problem - at least until I phone the company and they claimed that is is based on your maps, so I should rather make complaints to your map unit.

I do not know whether I should cry or laugh, as the company reject any responsibility for the mischief and - as I wrote - say that is it your problem as the company in question just buy maps from you (and take a big amount of money for it).

The only advantage the system has is that it is connected with a possibility to use a phone when driving, as one of the TomTom items once had (as I recollect it).

My quiestion is now: Are you really responsible for this navigation system in the car in question? And if you are, how come that there are so many faults in it. And if you are not, why do you think that the company in question claims what they are claiming about this situation?

Moreover: do you have a navigation system which is possibly to be built in a car like ours, and if so, does it have access to phoning, radio and music (e.g. via a USB-stick) and is updating also for free as one of your other items with LIFETIME trafic traps and LIFETIME map update?

I should very much appreciate an answer from you before I invest in your system again, preferably an inbuilt item.