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A few weeks ago I reported a problem with my watch. The battery ran out quickly, after which I was advised to replace the old version. I did the latter, but it didn't help. In fact, last weekend he spent more than 36 hours on the stream and yesterday evening I put it on again. After half an hour the screen went blank, not the sign of an empty battery, just blank and it was over again. What's wrong with my watch ?!


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    Hello everyone,

    I've got some questions about my TomTom spark sportwatch.

    1. How long does it normally take before the battery is 100% loaded? Mine take really long and also sometimes I've to plush hard before it start loading. Maybe something wrong with the connection between my watch and charger? How can I solve that problem?

    2. Also I would like to update the sportwatch with the TomTom connect app but my elderly laptop died. I've got another laptop from work, but I'm not able to download private apps on it. Id's it possible to just log in on internet and updating without downloading the whole program? That would really help!!

    Please let me know if you got the answers!

    Thanks!! Best regards Thirza
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    If it is taking a long time to charge it may be a bad dock. Is there any damage to the pins in the charger or the contacts on the watch? If any of the pins are bent or deformed straighten them out with a pin and make sure the contacts on the back of the watch are free of tarnish or grime. Also make sure it is fully snapped into the cradle.

    The only way to sync is through the phone app or a computer. There is no other way and will not be anything new introduced as TT Sports went out of business almost 2 years ago and ceased all production and development.