TomTom Mydrive continous message "connect your tomtom-device"

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This is the first time I use this forum. I do have a question regarding my TomTom Mydrive app, so I hope somebody can help me out.
I connected my Phone(s) a Motorola E4plus and a Samsung S6 to my TomTom GO 520 WIFI. Initialy it was hard to connect, but I managed on the end. Eventho the Phone is connected with the device the message in top of the screen of my phone keeps on saying "connect your TomTom device". I can not delete this message. Connected or not it stays there on both phones. Can anybody explain me what I can do? Thanks in advance.


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    Hi @Bumper2018 ,

    I have the exact same issue on my One Plus 5. Although the phone is connected with the TomTom Rider (550), the message in the status bar doesn't update as such. It always shows the message "Connect your tomtom device".

    Seems the app needs an update. It would be nice if the app closed after a certain period of being in the background.

    Did you manage to solve the issue?