GO 6200 keeps switching on and off

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My GO 6200 has recently started displaying an odd behaviour. Everytime it is disconnected from external power (either when the car is switched off or when it is unplugged), it switches off (as it used to) then switches back on and off repeatedly, showing only the TomTom logo on black screen before switching off again, until it runs out of battery.

When connected back to external power, it turns on normally with drumroll and reloading of the app and map and then performs normally until the next stop, where it repeats the odd behaviour.

I have already tried:
1. performing hard reset by keepin on/off button pressed until the text OS screen
2. disabling the option to sleep when disconnected from external power
3. performing full reset of the unit from the menu options

all to no avail.

As a workaround, I am currently switching the unit off (long press and "shutdown") before disconnecting from power, but this is extremely inconvenient and I am unable to use it running on battery power at all.

Has anyone ever experienced this bug and been able to overcome it? I appreciate any help in advance with this.


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    The Previous NAV4 and Latest (NAV5 WiFi) devices are quite power hungry and can go into "Power saving mode" if not supplied with enough power

    When the device is In use they are designed to be always connected to a power supply
    The Tomtom supplied Power Adapter is rated at 5Volts 1.2Amps
    Even after you have recharged the device externally via a mains charger, when in use in the vehicle, they will still require being connected to a Tomtom supplied Power Adapter (Or a proven suitable 3rd party Power adapter)

    (1)... Do NOT attach them to a dashboard USB port in your vehicle as they normally only supply 500mAmp (0.5Amp) and are for data transfer and not supplying power: See... [1]... A dashboard USB port can also fool a NAV4 Device into entering 'Updating Mode' and display the Connected to your Computer splash screen
    (2)... Using a NONE Tomtom 3rd party underpowered or a mismatched cigarette lighter charger can cause the device to go into Power Saving Mode: See...[1]
    (3)... On the Models with a built-in SIM, the reduction of power to the SIM can cause the dropping of the traffic info

    Note... [1] At an (Undisclosed) percentage of battery discharge, the device will try to save its power requirements by dimming the screen and eventually powers off the device... Devices with a built-in SIM Card may also lose Live Traffic services

    As a test... Try using the Tomtom supplied cable and Tomtom supplied Power Adapter
    The Charger Adaptor and USB Cable supplied by Tomtom WILL run and charge the device at the same time

    Many 3rd party Mismatched Charger Adaptors won't run and charge the device at the same time
    See... It's not simply a power thing.....

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    YamFazMan wrote:

    As a test... Try using the Tomtom supplied cable and Tomtom supplied Power Adapter

    Thank you for your quick reply @YamFazMan. I didn't mention, but I am using the TomTom power adapter - and always have been. And I have had this device for over a year and it only started behaving like this a couple of weeks ago.

    So it's not that. Any other ideas?
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    A few months ago a bad system update for the 5200/6200 cause a shutdown problem. It wasn't exactly this, but similar. Any chance you are not running the 18.103 software on the unit?
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    Battery dying perhaps?
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    Hello @big and @dhn, thank you for your suggestions.

    The software version is the latest. I even tried the solution described in http://uk.support.tomtom.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1898/~/navigation-device-not-starting-or-displaying-a-cross to restore (and update) the software. All went well, but the moment I unplugged it, it started going on and off again.

    It also *should* not be a dead battery issue since it has enough to switch itself on and off several cycles before shutting down for good. The battery icon also displays full and the text OS screen accessed with long press on reboot shows 94% charge.

    Any more ideas? I have also submitted the problem on the support area but they haven't answered in 3 days.
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    Try calling support. More effective:

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    I have exactly the same problem. After a year of use, the device miraculously starts to turn off for no external reason.
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    Check with customer services

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