Sign-out of or unlink Live Services on TomTom Via Live 120

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I have just updated my sat nav from a TomTom Via Live 120 to a GO 5200.

The paid-for Live Services subscription I have on the Via Live 120 actually still runs until November (I got the 5200 at a bargain price!) but I want to be able to hand the 120 onto someone else with no Live Services active. I basically I want to "sign out of" or "unlink" the TomTom Services on the Via Live 120. How do I do this please?

If I do a factory reset of the 120, when it starts back up, it seems I am still signed into the device with my TomTom account and it knows my Live Services doesn't expire until November.

I can turn off information sharing but then the next user could turn it back on again and I would be "logged into" the device again with the active Services subscription.

I have already deleted the Via Live 120 from the MyDevices section of MyDrive Connect (so only the GO 5200 shows now) but this didn't seem to have any effect.

I basically want a bare bones Via Live 120 sat nav to hand on if this is possible?

Thanks in advance.


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