GO 520 WiFi-Driving to starting point (track)- bug?

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I've notices something with looks like a software bug. When I select track from "My Routes" and then chose option "Drive to the starting point" of the track everything works well. GPS find a route to the starting point and starts navigation.

However when GPS needs to re-calculate the route to the starting point, for instant when I do wrong turn or something like that, then it finds new route but it shows all the time "Finding new route. 100%" on the right but nothings happens. I can see that new updated track but but that is all. It keeps saying "Finding new route. 100%".

It addition, when I click the top bar to check the list of all instruction, the screen goes black and the device seems to do full reset.

I know that it is very specific scenario, but I plan to use navigation using tracks and it is a bit annoying.