Transferring routes from Mydrive to START 42

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I have just received Smart 42 installed DriveConnect, run all updates but the 3 gig Europe map and am having issues.

I used My Drive to plan routes and set useful locations.

Opened DriveConnect, made sure my device and DC were saying connected and then clicked "send to device" on My Drive.

Nothing happens. The button stays green and my device has no new data.

I have plugged the usb cord straight into my pc (running fully updated windows 10) and checked device manager. It's listed as an nsid compatible device and says the drivers are up to date.

I can't see any option on the device itself to log into my Tom Tom account. Driveconbect is logged in as is My Drive.

I have been arguing with this thing for 2 hours. Please tell me what I am missing before I run over it with the car for catharsis.


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    The Start 42 is a None live device, the route can only be transferred over a USB Cable

    (1).... With MyDriveWeb Route planner Running
    (2)... MyDrive Connect Running on the PC Task Bar, no need to login just Running on the PC Task
    (2)... On the Start 42 are you Logged into MyDrive on the device ???
    Tap the 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Tomtom Services... MyDrive... Log into MyDrive

    (3)...Your Tomtom Start 42 Turned on and Connected via a USB Cable

    The Route should now sync with the device