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Cannot install map on XL350TM

BobjacBobjac Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
During a "routine" map update using Home, it created a backup of my device and after some time, gave me a message that there was not enough memory to do the map update (Canada/US/???. I selected a US only map that required less memory. After some period of time, it said that map ( smaller than old one) would not fit either. When I tried to restore the device (which now did not have any map), it cannot restore from the backup.... It had apparently overwritten my backup of the map that worked with a partial update that failed.

I can understand reaching a lifetime of support only means a few years, but I was happy with my maps/system before following their update procedure.

Is there some way to download a previous map version that fits on the XM350TM. Device shows "no map found"?


  • dhndhn Posts: 33,363
    Was the backup made manually (hopefully) or did you use Home to do the backup?
  • BobjacBobjac Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Done by TomTomHome. Problem seems to be that when it told me there was not enough room to update the map, it prsented a list of maps to choose from and I selected the US-Southern map, which was considerable smaller than the us/canadian/mexico map I had been using.

    Apparently when it started to download it (apparently could not tell whether it would fit), it backed up the "old map" (or the part that was downloaded before discovering it wouldn't fit).

    I have several computer backups of all files, but none of them have anything in the folder for maps. It should be included in the complete hard drive system/file backups.

    What directory would TomTomHome have saved the automatic backup (which presumably can be used for a restore).

    I was hoping I could just download the previous maps before it became too bloated to fit on the XL350. Incidentally, I notice that the US only map (which would probably have fit) is no longer an option to download.

    Anyone have a previous map that was either downloaded when the last "new map" version was sent out?
  • dhndhn Posts: 33,363
    As I remember, in Home: Tools menu (top left of screen)-->Home Preferences-->Folders tab will show location on your computer for backups (and other stuff)
  • BobjacBobjac Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Progress.... 1st old backup I quickly found was 2016. It started download, but indicated error. However, the XL would start up, favorites found course, etc. "Operate my XL" option in TomTom grayed out. I'll find my 4/2018 backup and try again and also try the traffic feature. Part of error today may be some changes in TomTom Home since the older backup file format

    Perhaps just coincidence, but not checking whether updates presented will fit, then giving option to load a smaller map, overwriting the original backup and then giving me a "discount" to replace my device that is no longer working after following their update procedure......... makes me wonder whether I want to do business with TomTom in future.

    I appreciate your help.... have never paid that much attention to TomTom program tabs before since it always updated and worked ok.... Will give final post when I finish restore, but looks good so far.
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