Watch strap quality is shocking

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2 Years I purchased my tom tom runner/cardio multi sport. My third strap broke recently - it was replaced in Sept 2017, however now I cannot get it replaced because my watch is out of warranty (or I assume that is the reason why the support team has not come back to me after I mailed pictures, proof of purchase etc weeks ago). What am I supposed to do now? The watch is working perfectly still, but I cannot wear t because the strap is such bad quality that it doesn't even last a year? Or do I just buy a new strap every time one breaks? Or should I rather save that money for a different sports watch with a better quality strap?


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    If your warranty is up you may be out of luck, but you can try the self service link (see below). I would not throw good money after bad on another strap considering TT is out of the watch business and is no longer producing new devices. I would go with another brand from a company that is actively in the sports watch market and intends to continue producing and supporting devices.

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    Sorry about the delay..

    I have asked the customer service to get back to you in this.

    So someone will be getting in touch with you.

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    I too have had my watch for 2 years - it's the best watch I've ever had but like you, the strap has broken three times. In the UK, the customer service line says "dial 2 if your strap is broken..."! I went for a different colour this time to see if that might have something to do with unreliability. When I synch it with the PC or to recharge, I even push the unit out from the hole rather than pull the strap away from the unit (as recommended by Tomtom customer assistant)... but that made little difference.
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    I bought new strap from China. The price was about 5 euros.
    Always after sport activity I rinse the strap with water. The sweat and the heat makes the strap like a licorice. But be careful, not let the water (any drops) outside (and inside) the watch, because there would be trouble in watch.