No last instruction repeat? Unbelievable

Having just spent a large amount of money on a TomTom 6200, I find it unbelievable that I can’t get it to repeat the last instruction on the device. This was something available on a device I was pretty much forced me to abandon because it was deemed it too old! I had thought it such a basic operation I didn’t even bother to check - not once did I think such a basic need would be removed.

Given that I have problems with my vocal chords, in a car this makes speech difficult at times, particularly when there is a lot of road noise. I’d love to be able to touch the bottom left hand corner of the device to make it repeat the last instruction which I could do on a five year old device! I bet you never though to those with vocal problems...?

Is there anyway of having TomTom repeat the last spoken instruction without having to try to shout at it, which in my experience NEVER works anyway? By the time one's shouted red-faced one's instructions and the device has repeated 'sorry I didn't understand', the moment has passed.

I would beg developers to include this on an update, and be retrofitted to new devices.

In the meantime, is there any way it can be made to repeat the last instruction by one-touch?


  • OneeasygeezerOneeasygeezer Posts: 13 [Legendary Explorer]
    Unfortunately this is another example of the experts deciding they know what we want and how we use our devices and as a result have deemed it not necessary, it hasn't been available on new models for the last couple of years or so.
  • bruceybrucey Posts: 155 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Absolutely agree with original post. The TomTom analyst certainly has a lot to answer for!
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 13,154 [Superusers]
    @Reluctant Motorist

    [h3]Using Voice Control....[/h3]If the Last instruction is still live
    Say "Hello Tomtom"
    Device replies "I'm Listening"
    Say "Whats the next instruction"

    [h3]Using List View....[/h3]With a route Planned and Displayed....
    Tap the Top Info Bar for the 'List View'
    Tap the 'Back button' to return to the Map view (Back button is screen top left)

    [h3]Also, the 'List View' is semi-live[/h3]When you are driving, if you tap the top info bar....
    Your present location is at the top of the list, the 2nd item on the list is your next Instruction

    This can also be useful in Town/City When entering the next road, you can alternately tap the 'Top Info Bar' and the (Back button screen top left) to dip in and out of the list

    It's not very useful halfway down a long Motorway, but if you dip in and out of the list, it does give the remaining distance to exiting the Motorway

  • Reluctant MotoristReluctant Motorist Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks guys, hopefully - though I doubt it - TomTom developers are reading this and though it's unlikely they will admit they were ever wrong, let's hope they realise they are and reinstall that facility.

    The workaround is a bit of a trial, YamFazMan, though thank you, however, after having an Insignia on hire and trying out the voice control music system on that, the TomTom thought it would get in on the act and chimed in, trying to comply with what I was telling the music system which ignored me anyway.

    Listen up developers: Listen to what your customers are telling you and stop thinking you always know best. Because you don't.
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