How to start/extend TomTom Traffic on a Mercedes Audio 20 SD card Garmin Satnav?

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So... after nearly 3 years of arguing with Mercedes they have finally admitted my car has ALL the parts to have live traffic...but my SD cards (2 of them...) neither work
One was on older s/w
the other bang up to date V11 S/w V11 2018 maps for Europe.
Brand new cards when I got them which needed to be linked to the car.

Both tell me "No valid subscription"...but my B class has never had it and the card -paired to the car never runs it...and Mercedes dont have a clue on how to extend it?
Its bonkers... they supply the cards but have no idea how to extend the life of the live traffic...(or start it up)

Have I got duff cards? Fake ones (which all work with the car perfectly)????
Can Tomtom help me...(and actually end up helping a lot of other people on the Merc forums who are going as spare as me!)



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    Maybe a chat with a TomTom Customer Services rep might shed some light

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