Video Subtitles & Translations

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Hi there everyone!

We'd like to highlight and give some information on the text translation that's possible for our videos on YouTube.

Currently, all of our videos have English as the spoken language, but you might have already noticed that some of the video titles and descriptions show in different languages. Translations for these that have been submitted will automatically show the text in the language of your account if it's available - both in search results and on the video itself.
However, subtitles for the videos you watch will need to have been manually turned on at some point.

To turn on subtitles, click the icon in the bottom right of the video player that we've circled in this image:
This will immediately show the subtitles on the video:
If you click the Settings cogwheel, and select "Subtitles/CC", you will see the available options for the video you're watching:
Since this is our latest video, it currently only has English subtitles, but in this menu you can ask YouTube to try to do an automatic translation (the highlighted option to the left) to any language from the rather extensive list:
If you're feeling industrious you can also submit your own suggestion for subtitles here through the top option - Add subtitles/CC! We, and other users, appreciate this immensely, of course :D

We hope this clarifies things, but as always - if you have any questions or suggestions, just let us know here in the Support Video forum!

All the best,
/ J