Changing the Tomtom-Arrow

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How can I change the arrow that represents the car into a different type of image, such as a car?


  • YamFazMan
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    Sorry that's not possible on the later/latest NAV4 NAV5 (Wi-Fi) devices

  • BrianE
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    Based on current development trends, I'm guessing that the NAV6 devices when they come out, will not even have the arrow (it will be assumed that you don't need it as you will of course know where you are on the map).:smile:
  • aCrooner
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    I just got a Go Supreme 6" There are some major complaints that I have! My old Via unit had better graphics, especially in the3D model, you could have a car image instead of an arrow and although the voice recognition sucked, you could ask it for businesses by name. This new one doesn't have any of these features, it SUCKS! Had I known that they dropped these features, I wouldn't have bought it! I'm not happy with this POS!