How do I diable "the delay on your route is now .." voice

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I was driving up the M5 motorway (UK) on Saturday with terrible delays every few miles. Worse than this was the voice reciting a list of the delays to me every minute. I want the traffic delays to show on the map but I really don't need the voice. How can I disable him (and it is a him no choice of a more soothing voice). I can mute everything, but that deletes safety camera et al.
Had the guy been in the car he would have been tossed out in front of the biggest lorry I could find! Please help.


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    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> Sounds & Warning... Turn off 'Read aloud traffic warnings'

    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Settings --> Voices... Choose a voice
    Best to use a computer voice... I use Serena (you may have to scroll up the screen Serena may be at the top of the list)

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    Thanks for turn off "Read aloud traffic" - good advice
    But the worst thing about that "read aloud is the voice". My voice is set up on Jane, but I get Tim on the "read aloud traffic" and he sounds so smug!
    I'm using a Go500 if that helps
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    Try "Serena"