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Building a URL for showing a marker on the MyDrive map

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Hi, don't know if this has been asked before, so apologies if it has been.

I store my master list POIs in an Excel spreadsheet. The columns have longitude, latitude, POI name, plus other details.

One of the columns creates a URL for the POI to show on Google Maps and I would like another column to create a URL for the POI to show on MyDrive - this is to ensure that I have my coordinates correct and that the POI is located in the correct position according to TomTom maps.

I'm halfway there, butI don't know how to get marker or pointer to show the exact location of the POI.

As an example, Jersey Pearl in Jersey (Channel Islands):,-2.233678,14,0,-0+ver=3

If somebody could tell me how to get a pointer to show on the map that would be great.

Many thanks,


  • DanielForniesSoriaDanielForniesSoria Posts: 72
    Niall wrote:

    That's the best you can do for now. The input so far will be used in the search box if you press the location details back button (back to search). We will probably do more improvements in that area so the URL input is also shown in the details panel.
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    Hi Niall and Daniel,

    Many thanks for your help.

    I’m currently using my mobile phone (an iPhone) to look at your URLs and it’s not displaying as I would expect so I’m going to have to look at it on my home computer.

    Could you please explain why the coordinates appear to be included twice in the URL?

    in addition, do you know what the additional variables are and what their value ranges are?

    I think that I will need to use expanded URL (at least to replace [space] with %20). Unfortunately I use a Mac (not Windows) and Mac Excel has much less functionality than Windows Excel, so that’ll be interesting! :)

    It’ll be a few days before I get to use the Mac, when I do, I’ll let you know how the above URLs look and also how I get on with the Expanded URL encoding.

    Once again many thanks.
  • DanielForniesSoriaDanielForniesSoria Posts: 72
    "Could you please explain why the coordinates appear to be included twice in the URL?"

    The viewport coordinates indicate where the map was zoomed at that moment, whereas the search coordinates are the actual search result location. You could try the links without the viewport section.
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    Hi Niall and Daniel,

    Many thanks for your help. Now I'm home, I've been able to look at this again.

    As I've already mentioned in a previous post above, my Excel master list spread sheet has a number of columns:

    Latitude (B)
    Longitude (C)
    Name (D)

    The first thing that I needed to do was to get Excel to URL encode all spaces in the POI name. This is done by the function:
    =SUBSTITUTE(D2, " ", "%20")

    The next thing to do is to integrate the coordinates and the URL encoded name into the MyDrive URL:

    B2=49.231168 (Latitude)
    C2=-2.233678 (Longitude)
    D2=Jersey Pearl, main entrance (Name)

    Here's the Excel formula:
    =""&B2&","&C2&",16,0,-0+search=%7B%22input%22:%22"&SUBSTITUTE(D2, " ", "%20")&"%22,%22coords%22:%5B"&B2&","&C2&"%5D%7D+ver=3"

    Which gives the MyDrive URL (from the above variables):,-2.233678,16,0,-0+search=%7B%22input%22:%22Jersey%20Pearl,%20main%20entrance%22,%22coords%22:%5B49.231168,-2.233678%5D%7D+ver=3

    Please note that this is for the latest version of Mac Office, i.e. Mac Excel 2016. However the formula should work for Windows Excel and possibly even other spreadsheets as well.

    Once again, many thanks for your help and advice.

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    Hi @Niall and @DanielForniesSoria,

    I have been using Mac Excel spreadsheet for over a year now, to use the longitude and latitude coordinates and the name to produce a URL for MyDrive that pinpoints the location on the map. The best thing is that it's now so easy to add the named location into My Places by using the URL. The URL allows me to use normal letters, numbers, and brackets (both round and square) and even letters with diacritical marks (i.e. accents).

    However, I have found that the URL process does not allow for the ampersand (&) in the name of the POI or Place. This is presumably because the ampersand is regarded as a separator for CGI parameters. I have tried to URL encode the ampersand '&' as %26 but this doesn't appear to help.

    I know that TomTom MyDrive will accept an ampersand but once saved to MyDrive the ampersand looks like 'Et ligature' type of ampersand on TomTom GO iOS.

    Is there any way of using the ampersand (and other special characters) in the MyDrive URL?

    Many thanks,
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