SD card not working in Mazda NB1 system

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i took the memory card out of the car and installed the updates on the memory card. im a bit of a loser so copied everything from the card to a folder on the computer. My little boy has put the card somewhere and we can no longer find it. I have a spare SD card that has capacity on it, however the car doesnt recognise it and TOMTOM home will not update to it.....
does anyone have any advice??



  • Carminat
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    I am NOT a Mazda user, so I'm GUESSING - treat this suggestion with caution.

    Format your spare SD card (if it asks, select FAT32)
    Put the blank card into the car and switch on the ignition, let it talk to itself or whatever for a minute or two - probably you'll not get any sign of it doing an ything otwher than it will say it doesn't have any maps.
    Take the card to your computer and copy all your backup onto it.
    Start TomTom Home and let it update.

    Alternatively go to the dealership and ask for somebody to deal with it for you.

    Good luck
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    Do what Carminat suggested to format your spare SD card to FAT32. Copy everything from your computer backup folder to the SD card except the "looper" folder.
    Turn on your car without the SD card, start the Navigation program, then insert the SD card. Your NB1 will build a new looper folder. Good luck.