Why is speed information for Spain so inaccurate?

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On our holiday in Spain (Costa Blanca, Denia area) we noticed the speed info is very inaccurate.
Within city borders Spain has are several speed limits 30, 40, 50 km/h, but on some TomTom tells me the limit is 90 km/h.
Then on main connecting roads TomTom tells me the limit is 40 km/h, where the actual limit is 90 of 100 km/h.
But also the speed control information is very inaccurate.
On places where TomTom says the limit is 90 km/h, the speed control information starts beeping at 50 km/h.

So please be aware and pay extra special attention to the road signs (you should always do so), as the TomTom information could lead to speed tickets and dangerous situations.

In our home country the TomTom speed information is correct in most cases, but for Spain this information is very inaccurate.

And please note, just before leaving for Spain I updated my system and my maps and everyting.


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    In many cases, the speed limits shown are incorrect in the UK as well. Only the other day, I was driving several miles along a rural road and my TT GO 6200 kept warning me to slow down because it thought the limit was 30mph, when it fact is was the national limit (60mph). On other occasions, it will inform me that the limit is 40mph, when it has actually been reduced to 30mph. I have reported a few of these, but it takes them so long to impliment the changes that it's hardly worth the trouble.