Material defect in Spark 3 straps - try this

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Hello everyone, and hopefully someone at TomTom.

I think I found a way to show where the problem is.

My spark 3 strap is off to get replaced again for the 2nd time.

I thought that I was "too rough"with the first band, and took extreme care with my 2nd band. But it still broke after a very short time.

I believe the reason why so many people have hassles with their wrist bands for this watch is that there is a fundamental design flaw. This could easily be demonstrated by using my old strap.

If you have an old strap, try the following. You will find that both ends of the wrist strap are harder than the remainder of the flexible strap. If you take, e.g. the hard tab (with the silvery bit) and bend it outwards, as if to fold it, you might be shocked by how easily it snaps off.

The same is demonstrable for the other side with the square hole where the strap goes through when putting it on your arm, AS WELL AS where the strap reaches the frame on either side that holds the watch.

There are FOUR places where the strap is ridiculously fragile.

Whereas the flexible part of the strap is relatively tough, it seems where there is a weakness where the flexible material of the strap joins the harder material of the two tabs at each end of the strap, as well as the frame/cradle that holds the watch.

Even if one argues that the strap isn't designed to be bent like this, I contend that this type of bending is almost unavoidable when charging the watch, or in some cases when taking it off your arm.

I would love to hear from any others that might try this on a broken strap, and perhaps make a video of the bending and breaking?