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I have recently been mugged by TomTom who told me my GO740 live is now not supported BUT WILL WORK AS BEFORE. After loading their latest update I find i can now not access the OPERATE MY GO or use TOMTOM ROUTE PLANNER (as well as the obvious 'update my map' feature and 'purchase maps') i have a massive memory card in it so its not that.....they seem to have switched it off for me for my is that working as before? I try to get in touch with support and it just sends me round and round in a loop telling me my product is unsupported....thanks for that. and looking on here Ditte is no help cos her thread is closed and the bottom of the page looks nowt like she says. HOW CAN I REMOVE THE LATEST SOFTWARE UPDATE SO MY NAV WILL WORK AS IT DID BEFORE I INSTALLED IT?. At least i'll be able to use it as a basic device for a while yet until i sort another out. ANYBODY....?


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    Contact Customer Services, but remain silent when auto system asks for device details and you will get through to a 'real' person. You can then vent your spleen on them.

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