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Can't install MyDrive Connect

FlugesFluges Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
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When I tried to install the latest version of MyDrive Connect, I can't get further than "VCRuntime140.dll not found and "MSVCP140.dll not found". My old MyDrive Connect has been deleted so now I can't update or install maps for my TOMTOM Go51.


  • Phil-the-PillPhil-the-Pill Posts: 16 [Master Explorer]
    Been trying for months now to install MyDriveConnect but the installer refuses to open! Support suggests I should try a different computer (ha ha - like we all have multiple devices). I do not have a MyDirve folder in Program Files(x86) as this is a new / clean install. So completely baffled. Given that any other app I have installed recently has no problems. What is so special about TomTom - does it require something else which is not packaged in the installer??
  • LAURE123LAURE123 Posts: 1,614
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    Hi @Phil-the-Pill

    It would be useful to try to help you if you gave more information about your problem.
    - Do you have an error message, which one?
    - Which Windows version is installed on your PC?
    - Which TomTom device do you have?

    Some thoughts:
    I assume your PC is under Windows since you are talking about the "Program Files (x86)" folder.

    MyDrive Connect (MDC) is Not an Application (App) but a Software with an .exe installer.
    Errors like the one described above are very, very rare. The latest MDC version for W10 now installs if needed Visual C++ 2017, the installer does what is necessary without user intervention.

    If your PC is under "Windows 10 S" ("S" as Security) it can only install the Apps offered and downloaded from the "Microsoft Store". No possibility to install MDC or other software from a third party source. Either you remove "S" mode from your Windows at your own decision or you have to use another PC (maybe family, trusted friend).
    Look at this post on "Windows 10 S":

    If you use a Home or Pro version of Windows, to install MDC you must use a PC user account with "Administrator Rights" otherwise the installation cannot be completed.
    "Restart" your PC with an administrator account, download the correct version for your PC (there are two for Windows) and retry the installation.
    Look at here:

    Otherwise give on this forum more information about your PC problem.

  • Phil-the-PillPhil-the-Pill Posts: 16 [Master Explorer]
    Hi @LAURE123 Thanks for your reply. To answer you questions:
    - There is no error message directly from the attempted installation
    - my OS is Windows 10 Pro 2004 - full admin rights
    - TomTom Go 1005

    The problem is as follows. I can download the installTomTomMyDriveConnect.exe and save it to my PC. However, when I run it it just does not open, even if I select to "run as administrator" which I already am! All I see is a very brief glimpse of the little rotating circle indicating something is happening, but then nothing!
    In the Event Viewer I get the following:
    Application pop-up: InstallTomTomMyDriveConnect (3).exe - Application Error : The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application. Which I believe may be a reference to the C++ not being present. I can see I have the Visual C++ 2015-2019 redistributable in my program listings. Not sure if some specific *.DLL's are required to be somewhere in a folder. Any further assistance would be appreciated.
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