Speed camera`s Tom Tom go 6200

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What's happened to the speed camera notification on the tom tom.

Let me explain I plan a route and if it has a speed camera on it, it shows it even if its 27 miles away on the route bar right hand side and the distance to it. It has the goal on the right hand side and will display for instance road holdups etc.

HOWEVER. The m1 is now plagued with gantry cameras and mobile ones. A route down this only shows the next camera is its 2.5 miles away its on the route bar right hand side. It does not show the next one "until" the current one is reached and passed but it warns you about "everyone" of them. Then sometimes 500 yards later the next gantry wham speed camera your on it. The next one can be then 2 miles away its "NOT" populated on the right bar to show you how far away it is. Until you have gone through the current one they have all gone?

Its only showing one single camera at a time. The m1 has from Nottingham to Derby something like 10 in a 27 mile zone south and the same north.

Today it had the gantry camera and literally 500 yards later a / the mobile camera on the side of the road. Bang gantry beep beep etc then asking me if the mobile camera was there still after wards. YES NO and another camera within a mile whilst im awaiting the yes no to go as it was still dealing with or ignoring it to go away and time out.

Ill take screen shots if it helps but its totally supplying one camera at a time and that's it.

Postcode from DN34 4DG to NG7 3EF

Just planned the route again it shows 1 camera it has at "least 7" plus an average speed zone on that journey alone. Between that start destination and the goal its messed up. They used to be there now not.

Latest software update. Drum roll reset. Latest camera database etc etc.

I've just re-entered the route and checked it shows one camera 61 miles away to the first one nothing after its going down the m1 again

https://ibb.co/eKboYJ start of route
https://ibb.co/h5JADJ right hand side scrolled up one camera there are loads!!!

Links above as I couldn't upload the images .


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    Today im off to leeds my journey has 1 mobile camera hotspot. Plus 5 speed cameras its showing ta daaaaaa .. 1.

    I bet they come again after ive passed each one.