WISH LIST: Avoid Interstate Highway if gain will be less than 2 minutes

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It would be great on the Fastest Route routing to be able to specify a, say, a 2 minute leeway, to avoid an Interstate Highway. On many of my routes, I find that TomTom wants me to hop on the interstate for one exit. If I ignore it and stay on the parallel regular road I find that my "penalty" is often just a minute or two. Often the penalty is nothing.

I would rather avoid the ramps and merging on and off a busy highway if the gain is going to be negligible.

So I would like to have an "Avoid Interstate Highway if gain will be less than x minutes" feature.


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    @JJPrats: your recommendation for allowing the operator of the GPS devise to set a delay threshold for traffic is excellent. As you indicated some times there is no benefit to taking the alternate route.
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    If you don't under settings use automatic fastest route, when their is a faster route, it will show tou a choice of different turns or routes to take with the diffeerent times fo each