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Playing a round of golf, I am maticulous about entering the correct number of strokes and putts. On completion of the game, I link the watch to the iPhone Tom Tom Sports app. The stats on the phone never reflect the number of putts and the number of strokes is often inaccurate. I have to correct everything by hand. Trouble is, the score record on the watch does not show number of putts. So, if I haven't saved the actual scorecard, then the data is lost. Whats the point of paying for a watch that is supposed to record the game, only to find that it doesn't transfer the data. Any suggestions, apart from dumping the watch and getting something better.


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    I am equally frustrated by the unreliability of its software as well as by its unsophisticated software. I don't know if Golfer 2 users have fewer complaints, but even at the price of the SE, it still deserves to be a usable GPS watch. If TomTom really cares about this market, I think it should give more effort in making the watch more usable. At this point I am hoping TomTom could at minimal improve the dependability/reliability of the GPS functions. I can keep scores manually if the cost of this minimum functionality is to remove the score-keeping capability all together

    I usually root for underdogs, that's is the reason not buying Garmin. I hope the SE doesn't end up to be just a dumb digital watch.