MyDrive app is not compatible with huawei p8 lite

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Hi everyone,
I'm having problems trying to pair my TomTom rider 500 with my Huawei P8 Lite phone.
If I open the app MyDrive on the smartphone, it asks to scan the qr code of the TomTom rider device with the smartphone camera.
The problem is that the camera doesn't turn on and shows an error.
Consequently I can't pair the TomTom rider 500 with the smarthphone.
I checked in the Android settings related to the app and it has all the rights to use the camera, despite this it doesn't work.
Any idea about what to do to solve the problem ?
I asked to the service if there is any other way to pair the device with the smartphone but the answer was negative.
Now I'm with a 400€ device that I cannot use with all its services...
I'm not so glad about it....


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    hey I got the same issue on my Huawei P9. I just read from another post , the support in that post mentioned the scan button not something magic but just quick pairing your TomTom to your smartphone, which you can do exactly the same by open up your smartphone bluetooth setting and look for your TomTom device and pair them there. I think TomTom broken the code of apps these day so the scan function not work on certain device
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    Hi Joe,
    thank you for the suggestion.
    I have to say that this is a good workaround also if it is not always working.
    Sometimes (for instance), the TomTom rider "pair" with the phone only once the application MyDrive is closed.

    Ciao !
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    Who has any problems with their HUAWEI P8 and HONOR which dont scan TomTom navigation
    steps :
    1. Take your SIM card out.
    2. Do a factory setting on your phone.
    3. Download mydrive.
    4. Open and scan.
    5. Put the SIM card back in.