Synchronizing rutes to MyDrive from the device is not working, what can i do?

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I've recorded a rute on my Rider 400 but it is not being synchronized to MyDrive rutes, and I'm connected to the same account on both PC/Mac and on the device.

Is there someone that can help me out here?
Is there some way to force a sync to MyDrive from the device?


  • YamFazMan
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    Route syncing is not bi-directional... You will have to save the route to the desktop using a MicroSD Card or Bluetooth

    MicroSD Card or Bluetooth....
    Transferring a route to my PC using Bluetooth (Or a Micro SD Card)
    (.... Menu) --> MyRoutes --> Share Tracks --> select the Recorded Route
    --> Tap Share --> Choose Memory card or Bluetooth --> Follow the on-screen prompts to completion...

    Then transfer from desktop to the MyDrive Web Route planner