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Hi how do I update my tomtom watch?
And how can I change Vo2max ? It sais that I am on 41 bur that cant be correct because I am a elitboxer and have good stands.
And the last question how can I see my puls on a diagram when I am training?


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    You update the watch by plugging it into the computer with the Connect software running. If an update is available it will prompt you to install it. You cannot change your VO2Max, it is calculated by the watch and along with the fitness age and fitness points is completely inaccurate. My VO2Max is tested at around 60 and it has me in the 40s. I honestly don't feel you can make any judgments from what it is telling you in terms of fitness points or fitness age. It only uses runs or cycles to calculate VO2Max and along with that age and points and while it does refine its readings over time it seems to be a random, capricious measure that ties to very little. It is based on whatever algorithm TT came up with, which is different than what Garmin uses or Strava uses, or anyone else. Ultimately I don't expect a watch to be able to tell me how fit I am.

    As to seeing your pulse on a diagram,, if you press right from the main screen while in an activity it will take you to several pulse charts.

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.