MyDrive Connect has black screen after Windows 10 Feature update to v 1803

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I had previously Installed MyDriveConnect_Feb2018 and updated the road camera information a week ago which worked fine. Other updates were larger and I waited until I had more time. This week I started MyDrive Connect which indicated a software update for itself. I ran that then Windows 10 ran a feature update to version 1803.

Since then MyDrive Connect part loads with a black screen. I have uninstalled MyDrive Connect software and removed any application cache (none) and manually removed the empty TomTom folder from Program Files (x86) and reviewed the Users directories including localappdata local and roaming (nothing) and rebooted then tried installing several time but each time the software opens a black screen and there is no difference when plugging in my satnav device to USB3 ports (same as previously used).

Anyone any suggestions? Any known issues with Windows feature update 1803?

I will try installing the previous version from Feb 2018 and report back later.

Update: The previous version installed ok (ran as administrator) but immediately insisted the later update is required and there is no option to ignore it. I ran the version update again with the same result - MyDrive Connect displays a black screen and nothing else.

Please update here if any fix - thanks