Tom-Tom Bandit Recording / Playback Issues

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I have recently purchased a new tom-tom action camera (premium package) directly from the tom-tom web site.

I have read through the user manual and have followed the operating instructions to the letter. However, when watching the playback either on my laptop (either one of the two - which do meet the standards required), again either through tom-tom bandit studio or direct from the laptops software the play back is intermittently corrupted and keeps randomly pausing/freezing and or jumping.
The playback slider at the bottom of the picture indicating playback either moves erratically or pauses momentarily while at the same time playback is, in the first case jumpy, or in the latter freezes. This is an intermittent fault i.e. occurs at random time intervals, but usually about 2 to 8 seconds apart for about 2 - 3 seconds at the time, however as I say, randomly, will playback for 18 to 25 seconds before starting to freeze as described before.

Further, when connected to my Samsung J5 using the downloaded tom-tom app while just looking through the view finder and not recording, but just viewing what the camera is actually showing (cctv like), the same fault is happening. i.e. while the camera is still (motionless), action through the view finder randomly freezes either momentarily or for a few seconds at a time, as described above.

I even tried downloading the freeware playback recommended by tom-tom stating that it will have the power to playback tom-tom action camera video (where my laptop or smart phone may not) - only for my virus protection software (Norton Symantec) to flag it up as a dangerous web address with malware and spyware ! And so blocks it from downloading and potentially causing damage my laptop.

As I said, all my equipment meets the required standards as posted on this website. The cameras software is up to date and the latest edition (it updated when first switched on via the mobile app).
I am using the recommended compatible microSD cards as per your FAQ and troubleshooting sections of the tom-tom website.
I have reset, . . repaired, . . and re-formatted both of my (brand new) microSD cards a
SanDisk 128 Ultra XC I 10 - 100Mb/s - and a - SanDisk Extreme PLUS microSDXC UHS-I Class 10 U3 Memory Card 80Mb/s read - 64 GB, several times now, but the issue remains.

In short I do not believe the microSD cards (both of them) to be at fault, nor do I suspect BOTH my laptops could be at fault, . . and to boot, I should not be having to download third party (questionable) software to facilitate my tom-tom camera or playback to be usable or view-able.

Having done my research prior to my purchase and deciding your product had not only the better reviews out there on the web, and was exactly what I require to record events from my up coming European motorcycle tour, . .
You can now perhaps appreciate that I am very frustrated and am wondering have I received a faulty camera and does it require replacing - or is there another option not in your support section on the tom-tom website that I am missing ? If there is a fix to my issues answered elsewhere within the support forums, please suply me with a link to it. I could not find one though. . . . . HELP me please before I go Medieval.

Further more, why is there no UK phone number one can call to speak with someone who may be able to talk you walk you through a fix, or at the least an email address one can send an enquiry to (not the PR one which does not deal with support, only press and PR queries), with the expectation of a company reply ?

Is there, please, please, someone out there that can bring some relief to my frustrations

Thanks for reading . . .


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    Hi fred.colon,

    Sorry to hear about you experience!

    I can't see your Bandit camera linked to your TomTom account, Does your Bandit camera has the latest software version 1.61.508 installed on it? If not then please connect your camera to PC or phone to update it with latest version.

    Also, Bandit is a dedicated Action Camera, and while it can be used while driving it's not been designed as a dash cam for loop recording. You can keep recording as long as your SD card has space for and the Batt-Stick charge lasts for, long videos are split into 4 GB files. As you already formatted the SD card using the Camera, can you please try dropping to a much lower resolution video setting to see if that helps?

    If still no joy then I would suggest contacting the Customer Support & they are able to more deeply investigate and diagnose problems than we can here on the user forum. You can click on the 'Contact Us' option at the bottom of this page to Phone/Email them.

    Cheers, lampard
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    Hello again Iampard,

    Thanks for answering the second of my queries.

    My attempts at registering the camera to my account have met with a frustrating loop when trying via the TomTom website as the TomTom Action Camera is not on the drop down menus, neither the left-hand one where the product is manually typed in, nor the right-hand one where one selects the product, - nowhere does it mention registration is possible via the mobile app or Bandit Studio.

    Yes the camera has the latest firmware 1.61.508 which as I said downloaded automatically when I first used the mobile app linked to the camera.

    I have no idea where you got the idea I am attempting to use the camera as a dash cam on constant loop. As I mentioned in my query, I am using it as a helmet cam on my motorcycle, and had intended to use it on an up coming bike tour in Europe. It was only ever intended for the day trips out and about to the limit of the battery, i.e. up to 3 hours at a time.

    I have indeed tried the camera at all resolution options available on the camera. Also as stated in the query above, I have re-set the camera, re-formatted both SDcards, attempted (successfully I presume) to repair both SDcards via the option on the camera, in the event that they may have been faulty in some way, several times. All to no avail, and unfortunately the issue persists.

    I answer your reply as full as I have not to shoot you down or through lack of appreciation. Quite the reverse, I do appreciate the time you took attempting to assist and resolve the issue. My reply is for the benefit of any future owners who may suffer the same issue and can read through the processes we have taken.

    Sadly, as you advised, I felt the need to phone UK Customer Support (0207 949 0134), and run through the issue with them. I found the number not by clicking 'Contact Us' but rather through my account profile and the 'Trouble-Shooting' dropdown menu from there under 'Warranty and Repairs'.
    They were most supportive and very helpful. Listening to the problem and following through a logical Trouble-Shooting process.
    The results of which unfortunately are what TomTom Support call a "Dead in the Box" on arrival.
    We are now following through on their returns/repair/refund process.

    A long winded reply, but again, perhaps for the benefit of future readers.

    I once again thank you for your efforts and time in an attempt to help me resolve this issue.

    Very best regards