Updating issues-mydrive connect- MS Surface

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I have been trying to update it for one day on the tablet (MS Surface pro)... then it occured to me that the USB port on it might not provide enough power (strange you might say for a surface pro but...).

I then switched to my partner's laptop, and this time it said straight away (which it did not ever do on the tablet): "preparing to install, please wait".
It is now past the 3% mark where it would disconnect on my surface although the GPS was still convinced to be connected.

I now believe that this Rider 400 that I have needs way more power than the standard limits the port to and it then fails to keep a stable connection when trying to update.

hope this helps people out there. Now at 11%...

I'll not be going back to Tomtom when this one is done; that's almost 100% sure!