Nevada Hwy 439

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I'm wondering if someone here could check in their device to see if Hwy 439 in Nevada is displayed and whether TomTom will create a route via this highway. (This runs between Clark on I-80 and Silver Springs on Hwy 50.)

On a recent long trip, we traveled through Nevada and found the TomTom Navigation system in our Subaru could not route via Hwy 439. Our maps did show the northern part of this under the alternate name USA Parkway, but because the southern section of the highway was missing, it would not route via it, and I had to use Google Maps.

Upon return, I went to Mapshare and confirm that it appears there. So, I went to update the maps in our navigation system and it says there are no updates.



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    MyDrive (TomTom route planner) give this394ccde7-d33a-4827-bdcc-ab16392a9cb8.jpg

    But the to take Hwy439 you need to push an alternative route as though it might be shorter it is not quicker
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    Thanks for the reply and confirming you can see the route. When attempting to set the route, I checked the alternate routes (it listed three) but none of them included Hwy 439. That was actually okay since I was't sure whether it would be faster or not; I just wanted to go that route. But the real issue is that the highway doesn't appear at all in the map.

    On the trip, I routed via Google Maps and followed it. When we hit Hwy 439 out of Silver Springs, I watched the TomTom map and it didn't even show the road at all. It didn't appear until we got just south of the industrial area off I-80 and the road appeared with the alternate USA Parkway name.

    NOTE: Interestingly, Google Maps takes Hwy 439 as the default route when routing from Henderson, NV to Susanville, Ca -- via Hwy 95, to Hwy 439, to Hwy 395.