TomTom Bandit Studio not opening/running (Windows 10)

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I have downloaded the tomtom bandit studio program to my laptop (running windows 10).
When I click on the shortcut on the screen to open the program, all I get is a small window telling me "Support for OpenGL 2.1 not found on this machine".
I have checked and downloaded all the latest drivers from windows, still nothing seems to resolve the issue.
I have run the compatibility trouble shoot and again nothing resolves the problem.

What am I doing wrong ? Am I missing something simple or is this a bug and is there a fix ?
Help please - much appreciated.



  • lampard
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    Hi Fred,

    Welcome to the Community!

    It seems like an issue with your graphics card, does your computer meet the minimum requirements? Please, check the system requirements here: TomTom Bandit Studio system requirements

    Cheers, lampard
  • fred.colon
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    Hi Iampard,

    Thanks for the welcome.

    I have checked my machine systems and it does appear the requirements are met . . . frustrating and puzzling at the same time.

    I have in the meantime discovered that the Studio program works on an older and slower laptop I have (even more puzzling and annoying), so will soldier on with the older machine.

    If I come up with a solution for the younger laptop issue, I'll post up just in case someone else encounters the same quirk.

    Again thanks for your reply & the welcome. Hope you have a pleasant weekend.

    Cheers, Fred