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With the number of low emission zones growing across Europe will they or can they be added to map in the future? and there be a option to avoid LEZ in any future software updates.
In many Cases the LEZ have been set up after devices were purchased.


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    Waze do it!
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    I asked the same question again this year at TomTom.
    there comment: Until now they did nothing and don't feel the need to help us out...
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    Last weekend I almost got caught by the Birmingham Low Emissions Zone (more accurately should be called the "more emissions but in another part of town zone").

    I was happily following my new Tomtom eco-route from the M42 towards Worcester (skirting Birmingham) until I noticed that it was taking me straight into the Birmingham money-spinner!

    I managed to detour around the centre, but felt that the TomTom should have warned me about these toll-roads (as that is clearly what they are). It simply is NOT eco when emission charges are added onto the route costs.

    I checked on my CoPilot app which I have on my phone (but don't normally use as I don't have a data-contract) and this clearly showed the Low Emission Zones and provides an "avoid" option at routing level.

    Surely TomTom should be able to provide this feature which their competitors have been giving as standard for ages?

    I'm so disappointed that the issue was raised back in May 2018 and TomTom have (apparently) done nothing to address it.
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    As micketorcy says waze do it so why a huge company like tomtom dont beggers believe. Come on tomtom dont worry about pointless things like fuel pump prices and start catching up wth the competion you are falling behind. Example my friend has a garmin on his motorcycle that gives weather reports and weather reports on route but my rider 550 does not. come on tomtom liven up or you will loose a lot of people to the competition. And also please change the new mydrive map its crap, example unless you zoom completely in country roads, mountain roads, small towns and villages etc etc are not visable making route planning hard work.
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    It seems that they have applied the ELZ onto the roads according to the feedback they sent me, probably take some time to code that into the maps to be able to adjust to make it fit for your needs.