Sat Nav for use in the UK and USA

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Hi, I'm due to buy a new Sat Nav and we are travelling in the US in the summer so wondered if there was a Sat Nav that I could use here and also take with us on holiday? TIA


  • Niall
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    Most of the new devices come with world maps, so you just need to make sure you have the most up to date US map on your device (version 1015 due about 3rd week in August)

    BUT, the biggest limitation is that neither traffic or speed camera subscriptions are available on a world basis; TomTom, in their questionable wisdom, has limited them to the region of purchase :(
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    If you buy à 6200 or a 5200, you can have the map of USA free of charge and if you buy this:

    you have the traffic in USA. Not so accurate than the traffic live in GB but better than nothing.
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    Is it the good USB connector at the end of the cable?
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    Yes, micro USB.