Do all traffic services need a smartphone?

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I currently have a TomTom Live with traffic alerts but my device is no longer supported for traffic alerts so I need a new device. It is unclear from the product listings as to which new devices have to be connected via a phone which I do not want (as dead spots on phone coverage would mean connection would be lost) and which, if any, do not need a phone connection as with my old Device? Can anyone advise which devices do not need a phone connected for live traffic services to be available? Thanks. Jason


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    The GO 5200 & Go 6200... Built-in SIM Card
    The Tomtom shop....

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    Hi, @jdskinner123 ,

    As @YamFazMan states, the GO x200 Range doesn't need a connection to your Smartphone.

    What they use is their own Built-In SIM Card, which is connected to the Vodafone Network (as a 2G connection).

    Hence, if you are in an area of poor coverage (that affects ALL Mobile Users), then you will get the same problems whether you are using one of these or a Smartphone-connected device!

    However, the positive side is that the 2G connection will usually still work even where a Smartphone will struggle (because of their dependence on 3G or 4G connections).

    Hope this clarifies.