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@TomTom @UKTomTom @TomTomSports Would I recommend a #TomTomSpark multi sport for triathlon - NO definitely not!

Their straps are so poor that it must breach trading standards. Their customer service is the worst ever - watch is just over 4 years and this is my 3rd strap

When you complain they make you go through their website to order a new one. It’s glitchy, complicated and sends you round in circles. When you eventually do get through - they admit there is a problem and apologise loads and promise to send you a replacement. It didn’t arrive

When you get tired of trying to get through their website you will Phone their customer services (I got Cesar in technical in amsterdam) who will apologise loads. He will say he is sending you another one - when you check which strap he is sending it will be a generic one

I paid extra for a different one after first two broke - got a blue one with metal strap at additional expense - he will say no they don’t have that in stock and according to terms and conditions all he has to send is the cheaper generic one. I asked for a refund - he said “no”.

I asked to speak to his manager - he said “no”. Would I recommend a TomTom watch - yes - I have one my wife and my son also. Would I recommend their watch straps or business and customer service - ABSOLUTELY NOT. Buy a @Garmin !!!!


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    Considering that TT left the industry six months ago, recalled all inventory from the US and laid off the entire Sports Division, I don't think they care if you recommend them or not. They are no longer in the watch business and many of the issues will likely never be resolved.