Sharing of tracks on the RIDER 400

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I'd be able to share a route that I create on my Rider 400, with my mate who also has one. But alas no. I checked the on-line manual: "Note: Currently, you can export only tracks from your Rider." Which is exactly what it said in the printed manual that mine came with years ago.

So I thought I'll check the new 550 manual, TomTom will have implemented in the latest Rider surely? Nope - "Note: Currently, you can export only tracks from your TomTom Rider."

So clearly TomTom know that users want to export routes, but they have far more pressing functionality to be added. I suppose I could wait, just like I'm still waiting to be able to reverse a route on the Rider.

Then again, there must have been an overwhelming need amongst the motorcycling, sat nav using community to be able to read SMS text messages on the Rider. I don't know how I lived without it.


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    ChrisHall: May I suggest using for creating and sharing routes. Once downloaded to your laptop/phone you can send the itn route file (and other formats) to both your Rider and other devices via Bluetooth.

    When paired the device is ready to receive routes from "My routes" menu.

    You propably know, that tracks can be shared frim the Rider 4xx?
    I personally avoid using tracks.