I would like to be able to mark a speed limit change in the same way we report a speed camera.

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As the title suggests really...

When driving I often find that speed limits have been lowered.
Therefore, I would like to see an icon for a speed limit change on a stretch of road because it's very difficult to find those exact sections again once you are on the mapshare site.
In the past we used to have a report on a map error bottom but this appears to be missing unless I haven't enabled it on my 6200?


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    See page 93 of the manual http://download.tomtom.com/open/manuals/gox20x/refman/TomTom-GO-EU-RG-en-gb.pdf
    [h3]Creating a map change report from a marked location[/h3]If you see a map inconsistency while you are driving, you can mark the location so you can report the change later. Tip: You can mark your current location even when you are driving.
    1. In the map view or the guidance view, select the current location symbol or the speed panel.
    The Quick Menu opens.
    2. Select Mark Location. The marked location is stored in My Places with the date and time you saved the location.
    3. In the Main Menu, select My Places.
    4. Open the Marked locations folder and select the marked location.
    The marked location is shown on the map.
    5. Select Report Map Error from the pop-up menu.
    6. Select the type of map change you want to apply.
    Note: If you want to report a map change of a type not shown in the menu, use the Map Share Reporter at tomtom.com.
    7. Follow the instructions for your chosen type of map change.
    8. Select Report.
    The marker for the marked location is removed from the map.
    Your map change report is sent to TomTom in real time or when you connect your device to MyDrive Connect using a USB connection. You receive map changes from other TomTom users as part of map updates.
    Tip: If you have a smartphone-connected device, reports are sent when your device is connected to TomTom services or when you connect your device to MyDrive Connect using a USB connection.
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    Thanks Niall, didn't know you could tap that, it brings up a menu;
    Report a speed camera
    Mark Location
    Change speed limit :)

    *spent too long on the old ios app...
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    Glad to be of help
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    Is this available as a voice command, otherwise it's not much use as one can hardly start messing around with pushing buttons on the sat nav while driving?