TomTom Bandit stabilizer video

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I love the Tom Bandit and the only flaw that has is the stabilization of the video that unfortunately there is not you know tell me if you are working on an update that can introduce this option, please. Do.
Or do a dedicated gimbal
Please please please please please


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    Don't hold your breath. Neither is going to happen.

    Your best bet is to experiment with how best to hold or mount the camera so that shake/vibration is kept to a minimum.

    You can also check out the digital stabilisation features offered by most video editing packages. Digital stabilisation may or may not improve your video. And there are always trade-offs, including loss of pixels around the border and reduced picture clarity.

    As for gimbals, if the Bandit was an awful boxy shape (like a GoPro) there would be options galore. But no such luck.

    Finally, you might consider upgrading. Many newer action cameras offer optical stabilisation. Although you'll still get smoother video with a gyroscopic gimbal, OS technology is pretty damn impressive and works well.