Runner 2 inaccurate along river

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I noticed that I am always going faster than expected when I run along the Thames, so I suppose the distance is not measured correctly. This happens both when I go along build up parts and along towpaths. I think my old Garmin was the same, so I don't think it's aTomTom specific problem. Now I wonder what the difference is in %, so I can add the extra distance if I want to do a specific number of miles. Does 10% sound right or should I add even more?


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    There is no way to know the difference. It is likely picking up GPS points in the river itself (GPS is only accurate to within 15-30m) of your true location and then subsequently getting ones on your true path so it thinks you are covering more ground than you are in the allotted time. Have you tried using a mapping site to trace out the route and get a true measure? If you use that route it should be close enough.

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    Thanks for the response. Looks like I should avoid running along the river if I ever do any marathon training again, or map out my route in advance on gmaps and stick to the mapped out route.