How do I turn on Speel Limit alarms on XL 335?

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I bought the XL 335 (used) specifically because this page:

said that the 335 had speed limit alarms, according to Amanda with TomTom support (below)

BUT now that the unit arrived (yesterday), none of the directions on this page appear to work. How do I turn on the Speed Limit. I must say that I was very disappointed to find out yesterday that LIFETIME SUPPORT ended before I got the unit.

If this unit cannot be upgraded to use this feature which your support page appears to say it has, what are my CHEAP alternatives: such as 1) a relatively cheap device that has this feature, or 2) a free TomTom membership on my SmartPhone that has that feature.

I am a senior citizen who does not drive that many miles, usually much less than 500 miles per month.

I look forward to your advice, or if you wish, I can use my "review identity" to complain about your definition of LIFETIME.

John K.
SC, retiree


After several tries, I got the following supposed answer from TomTom (Amanda):

Dear John,

Thank you for updating your incident.

All TomTom devices which has classical user interface (such as TomTom One 140, One 130, One XL, XL 330, XL 340, XL 335, XXL 540, XXL 535, Go 630, 730, 930, Go 740 ) has the option where you can have the speed warnings or alerts on the TomTom device.

We can enable the option to receive speed warning or alerts on the TomTom device. You need to check mark the following options:

o Warn when driving faster than allowed.
o Warn when driving faster than a set speed.


With Best Regards,

TomTom Customer Support


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    Some of the XL models have a stripped down interface with fewer options. I'm afraid yours is one of them.

    Further, that model is an End of Life device meaning no more map updates.

    Where did you buy it? I'd try to return it to the seller.

    This is a user forum. You can call support BUT do NOT offer a model type when asked so that a live agent can respond:

    :flag_us: United States
    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST