Why is it so difficult to find a email contact address on here.

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Hi, I have recently reinstalled TomTom go after not useing it in its early stages but am pleased it now has some of the features from the original TomTom app. I had TomTom Europe, USA, UK & Ireland, South Africa. Having paid for these 4 apps I was given three years free years on this new cut down version, as it is a shared family app I also installed it again on my wife's phone but trying to sign into the second version on my wife's phone I get a warning saying it will sign me out of my original device? Even though I had 4 apps before does this mean I can now only use on 1 phone.. Be grateful for your input before I go back to Apple to clarify the situation.
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    Scroll to the bottom of this page
    From the Support Menu list
    Click 'Contact us'
    Or click Here... https://uk.support.tomtom.com/app/contact/locale/en_GB

    Scroll to the bottom of the new page check your Countries flag is displayed (Screen bottom right) if incorrect click on one of the links and correct

    Drill down through the appropriate links
    You will eventually get to....


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    I agree @Pwcomp, it's a nightmare finding contact details to get through to a real person - either with e-mail or phone.

    For example, recently I tried to find the contact number for support. My journey from the TomTom home page was...
    1. Contact Support
    2. Navigation devices
    3. Car
    4. TomTom GO
    5. TomTom GO 5200 Wi-Fi (my device)
    ...which I would argue is a logical route a typical user would attempt in trying to obtain contact details. However this just presents a drop-down menu that sends you to various FAQ articles (none of which seem to contain any contact details).

    In the end I gave up and Googled 'tomtom support phone number'.

    I get why TomTom have done it - they want to increase the separation from the customer to the support department to prevent users bothering expensive support lines - but this tendency for corporate sites to manipulate us into self-service for support wherever possible is frustrating to say the least (and TomTom are not the only ones guilty of this).

    I'm sure there are contact details somewhere on the site, however my exercise above suggests it's anything but obvious
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    Which option did you choose from "Select our support services for your product"447227b3-8bef-41d9-b428-eac1a55a65be.jpg

    as each gives a list of appropriate FAQs by default, plus the same methods of contact, just click on one ;)7b8e04b0-e6d0-4799-925a-64c52255dc2a.jpg
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    Ah... I see now!

    Although I would suggest the black/white contrast of the FAQ text overrides the grey colour scheme of the menu options, leading them to be easily overlooked by idiots like me.

    I think the one-page design of how the menu options gradually appear after device selection probably doesn't help with attracting attention to them either.