Average heart rate monitoring during an activity

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This topic came up in a previous discussion under "average heart rate while running". Is it possible to add the average heart rate as part of display when doing an activity.

I am part of a wellness program that uses average heart rate to score points. This wellness program is linked to the Tom Tom site. You score if your average heart rates falls in certain zone.

My experience:
The current device gives an instantaneous HR, Instantaneous Current Zone, 2:30 minute graph, but it does not give an indication if my average HR is in that zone. Thus you do not know if you need to push harder to get the average up into the correct zone.
My only solution currently is to pause the activity and press up to see my average HR. I would like to see this as a display during the activity.

Most other fitness devices provide this option, and I am sure other users are also using their devices that are linked to a fitness program.


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    Just set a Training mode based on your HR zone and it will tell you whenever you leave the targeted zone. Fro some reason they never added average HR and they are certainly not going to add it now that they have left the watch industry and are not producing any new devices (and have now recalled all inventory from the US and is not even selling any devices in their largest market). We can safely assume at this point any updates will be limited to bug fixes (and even that may be limited - it has been over nine months since the last update broke connectivity for many users and introduced battery drain issues and that is still unresolved). I would not expect much more development and certainly not something major particularly on the watch side (they may continue to tweak the MySports site and app, but not the watches themselves).

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